Welcome European GD Attendees

Well it was an amazing 3 days for the European Go Diamond attendees who converged on Budapest, Hungary for 3 days of education, inspiration and recognition. Since this Go Diamond was the first event that n21guy.com was promoted, I have seen that many of you have been visiting the site so WELCOME!! Let me know what you think!

Attending countries included Hungary, Poland, Czech, Slovak, Romania Ukraine and Hungary and from these countries the follow new levels of achievement were recognized hundreds of Platinums,  33 Emeralds, 25 Founders Emeralds, 14 Diamonds, 2 Founders Diamonds, 3 Executive Diamonds, 1 Founders Executive Diamond,  1 Crown, 1 Crown Ambassador and finally 1 Founders Crown Ambassador!

Speakers included, North American Diamond Mike Wilson (fresh from a Romanian BBS just 2 days earlier), Austrian Crowns Hans & Eva Nusshold and Network TwentyOne founders and USA Crown Ambassadors Jim & Nancy Dornan.

Wonderful city, awesome speakers, fantastic recognition … Great Event!!

If you attended, we’d love to hear from you so comment below.

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