n21guy's Weekly Twitter Digest for 2009-09-13

  • Attention iPhone/iTouch owners … did U know U can listen 2 my N21-Cast podcasts from your device? check it out at http://bit.ly/46T5BK #
  • Heard from some of U that my site was running slow … just added my patented “n21guy website turbo boost” 4 dramatic speed … let me know! #
  • QUESTION: “any chance of watching channel-21 from the iPhone too?” .. n21guy says: Team’s working to develop a mobile version for early 2010 #
  • New blog post with a fresh video slice from the kitchen of the IBOAI… check it out while it is still warm: http://bit.ly/2L2ENn #
  • Who’s gonna be in Budapest, HU for Go Diamond next week? #
  • RT QUESTION: Who’s gonna be in Budapest, HU for Go Diamond next week? who’s speaking? ANSWER: J&N Dornan, M Wilson, Euro Leadership & me 😉 #
  • OK so I’m on a roll with new videos … check out my latest post where “yours truly” appears for the first time: http://tinyurl.com/lov2jm #
  • This week’s #WednesdayGiveAway coming up … this week’s prize is a 6 month subscription to Channel-2. Rules here: http://bit.ly/3GWKbh #
  • This week’s #WednesdayGiveAway: How many pens are in my lab coat pocket in my new video… #
  • FYI, even if you “think” you have seen a correct answer the #WednesdayGiveAway, give it a try as they may have already won in last 6 months. #
  • Atta’ girl Natalia … 3 pens is correct! No penalty for submitting a second answer that was incorrect (this time ’cause I’m in a good mood) #
  • The easiest way to stay “in the loop” on all things n21guy is up to is to subscribe to my website to get regular email http://bit.ly/Btctp #
  • This week’s C21 Weekly on Channel-21 is a true classic by Austrian Crown ambassador, Hans Nusshold: http://bit.ly/6tDYL #
  • Just reviewed a new tool for the European N21-ers … check it out: http://bit.ly/3LDF6V #
  • New poll on my site … go easy on me 😉 http://bit.ly/18rLud #

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