This Week’s N21-Cast with Nancy Dornan

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Join n21guy for a very special N21-Cast as he interviews Network TwentyOne co-founder Nancy Dornan.

Also, be sure to check out this week’s C-21 Weekly broadcast on Channel-21 by Mitch Sala titled 8 Steps to the Owners Manual.

7 comments to This Week’s N21-Cast with Nancy Dornan

  • Sotiris Kalogirou

    Listening Nancy is always inspiring time !!!! thank you.
    Yes. Our business is the medicine for this period !!!!

  • Jim Cerillo

    I couldn’t agree more with Sotris here. Nancy is really inspiring to all of us…
    Thank you for bringing this to us.

  • Larry Patterson

    What a treat to hear Nancy on this medium. No one is better at adding value to those she touches. Thanks Nancy and thanks N21 guy!

  • Mary Diamond

    Nobody has the perspective that Nancy has, I’m ALWAYS encouraged by her passion and her insight. We are so blessed to have Nancy in our lives.

  • Dane Morton

    When you hear Nancy say “No leader is ever without a need to have someone believe in them” it reveals who she is and why she has the following she has!

  • Joe Juette

    Nancy Dornan… It is my belief that everyone on the face of the earth needs to meet her. She has such class and love in her heart. The world needs Nancy if not for the love she has for others but the way she can make people feel like they are the most special person on the planet.

  • Lyndsay Finney South Africa

    I can’t help myself …. Hardly a single day goes by without me blessing someones life with a “Nancyism”. In the business or not, people need and love her unique illuminating articulations!!

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