This Weeks N21-Cast with Dane Morton

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Join n21guy as he interviews North American Diamond, Dane Morton.

Also, be sure to check out this week’s C-21 Weekly broadcast on Channel-21 by Jim Dornan titled The Right Mindset – Communication & Relationships.

10 comments to This Weeks N21-Cast with Dane Morton

  • Roger Little

    Great interview with Dane…love the line, never ‘if’, never ‘how’ but always ‘somehow’. Thanks, Dane, for the confidance to get it done. You have to love this sweet forum to keep us all in touch weekly with our leaders, the idea to hear from them between the BBS and WES is right on…kudos to you and thanks to Dane!!

  • Mary Diamond

    I love hearing the TURBO positive attitude of Dane and Nancy!! They are so inspiring and they are incredible leaders in SoCal and around the world… great interview N21 guy!!

  • Arnie Miller

    Dane’s interview was right on target especially when he referred to the power of a goal to drive us to the next level.He and Nancy are always on the cutting edge of being positive role models for all of us. Thx Dane for your participation in this web cast and to you, N21guy for keeping us informed and laser focused to move forward in our businesses.

    • Lou Gallardo

      Great to hear Dane’s voice again… It’s been 10 years since I heard him… I’m from the Philippines and Dane and Arnie are both my partners in the business… n21 guy, I hope you can send this message to them… I still want to get in touch with them and build the business… Thank you very much…

  • Carol Zampa

    Wow, love being in the bunker with N21 guy and worldwide leaders of Network 21. Sure does bring the world together right in your own home office. Awesome sharing, Dane and N21 guy. Looking forward to all the new 21st century tools to grow our businesses.

  • Chris Joslyn

    Wow! Dane is really on his game. Every time I listen to him speak, it seems like new wisdom’s coming out. If you are on the grow, and want to be in the know, there is no one better and more transparent then Dane. I am proud to have him as a mentor, and I know the impact that he has on all those that are open to learn.

    • Joe Juette

      I could not have said it better myself, Dane Morton… I have the honor and privilege to know him and call him my friend and mentor. His ability to lead and connect with people is unmatched..

  • Kimberly Burrows

    Dane is a great communicator! Growing with a goal and knowing “somehow” it WILL get done is essential and right thinking! Thanks for your positive leadership!

  • travyFremasse

    Прелестный дизайн !

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