Network TwentyOne launches 1st iPhone/iTouch App

Today marks quite an accomplishment for Network TwentyOne as they officially launch their very first iPhone/iTouch application for Network TwentyOne affiliated Business Owners around the world.iapp icon

Included in this application are 2 videos (We’re Not Guessing & 20 Years of Significance) as well as an EDC and above Profiles iBook and of course… a link to the iPhone/iTouch version of this website. I just downloaded and installed the app and it is pretty cool.

One point to keep in mind is that because of the application file size being over 10 Mb, the iTunes app store requires that you download from your desktop or from a WiFi connection rather than via your 3G phone network.

The smart people at Network TwentyOne tell me that based on feedback and input they will explore other iPhone (as well as other mobile device) applications in the future.

Click here to download today
and be sure to share what you think about this exciting new application below.

6 comments to Network TwentyOne launches 1st iPhone/iTouch App

  • Deepak Bharadia

    This one’s fantastic & I await to see the “other” iPhone apps / extension of the current one soon..

    Some of the features, I’d like to see are ;
    a)Updates from N21 world (i.e., Seminars happening across the world)
    b)Inspirational notes from N21 Leaders
    c)Audio-visual clippings from N21 functions
    d)BSM Lists & Ordering
    e)N21 classics – Audio streaming., etc..



  • AJ

    Hey, is an app for other brands of phones in the works by any chance? Not all of us adhere to an “apple” a day…

  • Kristoffer Dodd

    The App is absolutley fantastic to have especially my fave part which is the EDC and above profile sucess book which shows their previous/current occupations. One suggestion I would like to make is maybe having the STP on the App? So we can show the plan right from our phone?

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