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iReport: UK WES June 2014

I love how there were so many countries represented at this WES. Network 21 is such a rockin’ global community. Also, did you see all those speakers?! Wonder why they didn’t ask me… ;)

“On two of the hottest days so far this year, the UK ABO’s created their own heat as they gathered at the impressive Hinckley Island hotel in the middle of the country for a fantastic WES. The numbers were bolstered by visitors from Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Scandinavia who were made very welcome. One of the strangest sights was seeing a seminar in the UK being translated into French and Russian, how great is it to be part of such an international business.

Everybody who attended was spoilt rotten by great speakers including Danny Andersen, Diamond Christina Wahlström and of course the UK’s very own Double Diamonds Trevor & Jackie Lowe. But without doubt the star of the show was our special guest speaker Cale Andrews from the US, who absolutely blew the audience away. His energy, enthusiasm, humour and wonderful teaching really had the room rocking.

The ABO’s were also able to enjoy a really good panel discussion where some of our most experienced leaders gave their answers on important questions about building the business. There was also the added bonus of two optional breakout sessions on the Saturday afternoon which covered the Fast Track programme and Social Media. These sessions were so good that the room was virtually full for both of them.

On the Saturday evening we were also able to celebrate with the recognition of two new Silver Producer couples. They were also very happy to be able to take their places in the new ‘Hot Spot’ VIP zone right at the front of the room, which was reserved for the new achievers who are really moving forward in the business. At the end of the weekend there was no doubt that everybody there was ready to MOVE! Now we are all looking forward to the next WES in November when Ray & Karla Keller will be in town.”


iReport: Ukrainian WES, July 4th-6th, 2014, Kiev Sports Palace

A memorable and inspirational weekend in Ukraine! They know to put on a Weekend Seminar. Where was my invite for the VIP zone? :)

35 Crowns plus 6.jpg“Another great event has been just finished! What is special about this event? First of all, it was a united event for all the Ukrainian groups. Our Diamond ABOs Vladimir and Milana Samokhini proved during the opening that the people from all 25 regions of Ukraine were present in the room. They named each region individually and asked to stand up participants from that part of the country, which caused the general delight and inspiration. It’s so great to feel that people from every corner of Ukraine came to one place united by the idea of business and its values!


The event gathered all Ukrainian Key Leaders under one roof: more than 50 Emerald and Founder Emerald couples, 19 Diamond and Founder Diamond couples, 3 EDC and above couples, 3 Amway Founder Council. But a real gift for everyone was made by our Crowns and above: Igor and Valeria Kharatin, Taras and Irina Demkura, Aleksey Mautanov and Vera Arhipova. A special interview with Crowns and above was a real highlight of the Dream Night. Before we started the interview MC did a great introduction of each member of the couple and asked the audience to help to find the Crowns and above in the venue, who meanwhile were sitting right on the sectors among other people. During the interview our top Leaders talked about the lessons they learned in this business and shared the most memorable moments and funny stories.


Our special guests at the event were Katalin Lovas and Peter Mercz . They made brilliant talks, sharing their story and experience. Katalin Lovas who has never worked as an employee in her life shared her vision of how to successfully combine so many roles women should play and were to get energy for the balanced life.
We started the Sunday morning with the Blue Jeans meeting. Young participants of this event were invited to seat down in the VIP zone. I wish you could see those happy faces! To feel like a Diamond or Emerald – what can be a better motivation!”

iReport: Slovenian & Croatian WES June 2014

When I heard about MOVE for the WES, I didn’t know it would include dancing! What a fun way to celebrate awesome achievements, keep it up you guys! :)

TITLE DSC_6661“On 21st and 22nd June Slovenes and Croats gathered in a small city Medvode for a big event. Expectations were high, but the experience was even better!  Our local leaders warmed up the audience before our guest speakers – Diamonds from South Africa Martin & Tracy Hutchins. Martin and Tracy inspired us with their wisdom, touched us with their simplicity and made us laugh already at the beginning with their Beauty and the Beast nicknames. We decided not to be on eithers side, but we agree that together they are fabulous.  After the first session they devote their special time to meet all new Leaders Club & above, new WES 20+ and VIP 5+ at the reception and take pictures with them. So many smiles, so many pictures, so many unforgettable moments!

Saturday evening was dreamy…Started with music and dancing.  What a feeling when the whole venue was dancing!  The absolute stars of the evening were new achievers, with two new Silver ABOs and one new Platinum on the top.  They have proved that our market is on the MOVE!

On Sunday we learned from fantastic local leaders. Yes, we have the privilege to listen to local Diamond Maja Zupet more often than the rest of Europe. And so we did, enjoyed and absorbed her boundless energy and business dedication once again. Priceless.

Thank you all for a wonderful WES, we are looking forward to feel this fantastic atmosphere at Central European Regional Conference in October again. We cannot wait to see what Sean Henderson had in mind when he promised that  ‘we gonna do something that has never been done ever before at one of your weekends.’  See you in October!”

iReport: North America WES May-June 2014

IMG_5064Remind me next May to check out the WES in the US- I can learn from all my favorite speakers in one place! :)

“The East Coast of the US had an awesome WES in Atlanta, Georgia, May 16-18. The guest speaker was Diamond Staffan Ohlson. He is an excellent communicator and shared much wisdom and insight, in addition to his interesting story. We were lucky also to hear from David and Jules Dornan, Marg Hays, János Demeter, Andrew Mackay, Mike Wilson, Pete Matz, Jackie Lowe, Nancy Dornan, and a panel. Whew! Each leader teaches and inspires in unique ways, I know we gained considerable knowledge  from all of them and are very grateful for their willingness to share with us.

These are just two of the nuggets of wisdom shared that weekend!

Pete Matz:” Winners never quit. They adjust.”

Jules Dornan:” You can learn the hard way, or trust the leaders.”

On the West Coast, we had a conference in California May 30-June 1. Guest speaker Ali Ghannadan shared immeasurable vision, teaching, and experience. Mike Wilson kicked off the seminar Friday as only Mike can do! The weekend was full of inspiring, smart speakers who developed the theme for the weekend- MOVE. We thought about what moves us and where we need to move next in our business. A great motivation is what Jerry Webb said Friday night: ” We’re not saying it’s easy, we’re saying it’s worth it.”

In addition to our guest speaker Ali, we learned from Dave Dornan, Jerry and Sharyn Webb, Jim Elliott, and Jim Janz.  At both seminars we had the delight of celebrating new platinums! We had excellent Summer Conferences and are looking forward to our National Convention in September!”

iReport: Regional WES in Tallinn May 16-18: Enthusiasm, tears, fun, and a great kick to move forward!

MASSIMO AND STAGE.jpgBooking my ticket for their next WES. After reading this, I do not want to miss the next one!

“Getting ready for WES in Tallinn nobody could expect that it is going to go that way. IT WAS REAL BOOM OF EMOTIONS.
Friday was summarized by our Guest Speaker: Massimo Bini- Executive Diamond from Italy, who gave everyone just fantastic lesson of Amway Business Building and Management based on Network TwentyOne learning system. His three speeches at WES were just one great lesson for everyone starting from those who are 1st time at WES up to Diamonds and above.

Saturday end up with tears while listening to Olga Levashova- Diamond from Ukraine, who touched everyone’s hearts and ensured that to have bright future it is only your decision.

On Sunday, Mats Holmberg- Diamond from Finland, ended WES with great Kick of Motivation to really MOVE forward and achieve new levels at next WES. It could not be better speech for the end of Sunday session.

In addition to those three great speakers, we had speeches from local leaders, who assured that this market is in good hands and it is going to grow.

Event was unforgettable also thanks to extraordinary set up, that took the breath away of many leaders who had been at many WES’s before.

But now, we are looking forward to GO DIAMOND in Hungary and following it Free Enterprise in Finland, where all Scandinavia and Baltics leaders are coming together to celebrate FREEdom with Dave and Jules Dornan- Founder Diamonds from USA.”

iReport: Convention in India – April 2014

Simon Thompson at Delhi.jpgNext on my bucket list- go to 1 of 8 WES in India! I don’t know who I would rather learn from- Mike Wilson, Simon Thompson, or Ray Keller? Impossible to choose! :)

“The Convention for the month of April 2014 kicked off in 8 cities across India. Among the International Speakers we had the Diamond Direct Mike Wilson from USA, whose personal interaction mesmerized the Bangalore audience. Double Diamond Direct from Malaysia, Simon Thompson impressed the Delhi audience and Diamond Direct from USA, Ray Keller enthralled the Mumbai audience. Along with them we had an amazing line up of speakers from across India who added to flavor to the meet.

The Interaction between the Panel participants and the audience was vibrant. This was the first time a format like this was used at a convention organised by Network 21. Many people from the audience participated in the interactive discussion with the panel of Platinum’s present. The vibrancy of the interaction echoed among the participants and was very interesting.

As always the most exciting part of the convention was the recognition. It was amazing to celebrate the new achievers.”

Get ready to…MOVE!

MOVE FullThat’s right. I’ve got an exclusive sneak peek at the brand for the next WES. Well, I guess I kind of gave it away with the title, didn’t I?

Check out this short video here.

Get excited to see MOVE at your next weekend seminar! In your life and business, what does MOVE mean to you?

iReport: Weekend Leadership Seminar in Vietnam, March 22-23, 2014

wls 03 2014.gifWhat an uplifting report from Vietnam. Excited for these IBOs and what they are a part of. Can’t wait to see more from them in the future!

“It might be the smallest Weekend Seminar in Network TwentyOne. But it still was full of excitement. Our IBOs are inexperience and hungered for knowledge. We really appreciate the contribution of overseas leaders who come from far away to help us building this business with a strong foundation.

Thanks to Double Diamond Simon Thompson & Diana Choo, together with Executive Diamond Mamie Jones, Founders Emerald Stephen Chin and all local leaders who spent time and efforts to share their experience and inspiration!

We found out that we need a positive environment to protect ourselves and our business as well.”


iReport: Super Event in Antalya! Turkey WES March 2014


Hot off the press- a sizzling iReport from Turkey! Need a break from the Winter weather? Warm up with this encouraging update from Turkey. I’m sensing a trip in my future…

“We were in Antalya on March 08-09 for Turkish Weekend Seminar. Although it was still winter time the atmosphere was almost hot like the weather outside. The guest speakers, Founder Executive Diamond Kevin & Tamsine Harris from South Africa played a great role for this heat. All audience were repeating his Turkish words “HAREKETE GESH! – Take Action” in a great excitement on Sunday session. They were great!
The panel locked all people to the stage on Saturday evening, which took place first time at a WES in Turkey. People felt themselves at the stage with the panel participants while listening their interesting and even funny stories in this business.
Now, we are looking forward to getting together again at July WES in Istanbul this time. Be there!”

iReport: Weekend Seminar, Veszprém, Hungary March 7-9, 2014

Wow, what a weekend! Fantastic speakers, exciting recognition, helping others in need, and a Channel 21 launch! Whew, keep it up Hungary ;-)

Mike Wilson.jpg“The latest Weekend Seminar in Hungary was in the early days of spring, in the well-known and popular Arena Hall in the town of Veszprém. As the weather was nice and sunny, so were the souls; we had a happy, well going experience. As usual, we had two guest speakers, a Diamond from the US, Mike Wilson, and another Diamond from Russia, Viecheslav Pitkievich.

Mike Wilson is a very smiley, cheerful man, who enraptured the audience and really made them enthusiastic. As he had his birthday during the seminar, we had the chance to celebrate him on the stage. Viecheslav Pitkievich is a young leader, who gave us his youth power in his speech. The audience enjoyed his humorous teaching.

This event we could celebrate a new Founders Platinum couple on stage. At this Weekend Seminar, the first time in Hungary, we introduced the Channel-21 Hungarian version. It was propagated through the whole event, explained, and everybody could try it, who bought a ticket to the next seminar – as they got a one month subscription free! Because of the Ukrainian crisis, we organized a donation in the name of Network of Caring cooperated with Red Cross. We could collect money, food and cleaning products for the needy. 

Another successful seminar to focus on to set your goals NOW!”