iReport: North America Winter Conferences

Oh North America…how lucky you are to have all these leaders in one place! Can’t wait to see what the lineup is at Summer Conference…anyone want to go with me? :)

tamsen“We had an incredible start to the new year with two Winter Conferences. Our first was January 8-10 in Southern California with guest speakers Emerald Tamsen Sala and Sapphires Kevin & Kirsten Sears. WOW! Such wisdom, grit, and encouragement from these young leaders. We also had the privilege of learning from Mike Wilson, Dave Dornan, Jake Funk, and R. D. Saunders, as well as from representatives from XS and Artistry.

The East Coast Winter Conference on the other side of the country took place January 29-31 in Atlanta, GA, just 30 minutes south of the Network TwentyOne headquarters. Diamonds Ray and Karla Keller were our guest speakers and the ABOs in attendance were thrilled to learn from the master story teller. We also received great insight from Dave and Jules Dornan, János Demeter, Pete and Barbara Matz, Andrew Mackay, Mike Wilson, and R.D. Saunders. We had a very informative session on the new Hydra V line and the updated HealthPointe system.

As you can see from the pictures below it was a great conference! See more pictures on our Facebook page at Network TwentyOne North America. We are so excited for our Summer Conferences in April and May. Hope to see everyone there!”

iReport: Weekend Leadership Seminar Manila, Philippines – Oct. 17-18, 2015

You know it’s going to be a great seminar when Mike Wilson is the guest speaker! No one else can jump off stage like he can :) Congratulations to the new emeralds, what an accomplishment. Cheering for you around the world!

“ABOs were awed by the wisdom, passion and experience from master teacher Diamond Mike Wilson from USA! With almost 40 years of experience in the business, being mentored personally by Jim Dornan, Mike delivered his message in an unforgettable and impactful way-straight from the heart! WLS exciting highlight was brand New Emerald recognition of Drs. Peddy & Cecil Medalla both medical doctors from Cebu City, the Philippines second biggest city.”

iReport: Autumn Russian Weekend Seminars

WOW. That’s almost all I can say. But I’ll manage to say a little more :) Congrats to the new emeralds, founders emeralds, and executive diamonds- you have ABO’s all over the world proud of you and celebrating with you. I can’t wait to see what the spring holds for Russia!

Mats“What can we say about autumn Weekend Seminars in Russia? They were outstanding and remarkable! Mats Holmberg from Sweden and Tony Henderson from New Zealand galvanized the audience with their energy and emotions, Elkhan and Milana Ezhdarovy broke the ice venue with their activeness and traditional lezginka dance, Irina and Taras Demkura from Ukraine gave wise advice and… Crown Ambassador from Austria Hans Nusshold shared unique experience and gave professional training for every ABO!!!

Finally, we had a lot of recognitions. Atikat and Ruslan Yusupovy became new Emeralds, Vera Lukina and Sergey Kornienko – new Founders Emeralds! Congratulations and best wishes!

During the last two years we were waiting for the EDC recognition… and our dreams came true in Novosibirsk and Ekaterinburg! Evgeny and Nadezhda Streltsovy are NEW EDC! We had bright fantastic recognition with smiles and tears, many ABOs were excited and made a decision to become a Diamond! See you soon in spring!”


iReport: India National Convention October 2015

Wow, what a busy month for India! 6 conventions in 6 cities with top notch leaders and speakers. Next year I must find a way to clone myself so I can be at all 6 :)

“Conventions in India are always things to look forward to and this was proved again by the Indian Leadership at the convention in October 2015. 6 conventions in one month, exciting speakers from across the nation, amazing recognitions, lots to celebrate with the wonderful audience…need we say more?

The conventions were held in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Raipur & Lucknow. The most exciting part were the wonderful line of speakers and new recognitions. The guest speakers like Staffan & Pramila Ohlson, Amit & Arti Sondhi, Rajan & Prabha Warrier, Khushrow & Mickey Patel, Atul & Anjali Sondhi and Sushil & Rashmi Pachnanda were a treat to listen to. To add to this the other local speakers was icing on the cake. This round of conventions was really a REFRESHing one for all of us.”

iReport: Hellenic WES October 2015

I can feel the excitement from here! Thank you Hellas for the great update and for including every theme from the last two years in your last sentence ;)

“Hello from Hellas!!! Another WES was finished and we all feel refreshed!!!

Our guest speaker Staffan Ohlson inspired us with his great stories and his endless energy. The participants were really thrilled to watch such an amazing leader on stage. Many Hellenic Leaders gave their best on stage with great speeches and exciting moments.

Hellenic market took the DECISION NOW to MOVE and CHANGE, to FREE her potential and renew the date for our NEXT WES in February and hit the REFRESH button!”

iReport: WES in Kiev November 13th -15th

I am so encouraged by this iReport.  What a program you had! A big thank you to the guest speakers, the Network 21 staff, and all the ABOs for putting on such a great event. How will you top this one?! :)

IMG_5543.JPG“In spite of rainy weather the atmosphere in our venue was sunny, warm and optimistic. November 13th-15th WES in Kiev was a true success!!! Three days filled with training so much appreciated by all the attendees of the seminar!

Surely the number of Guest Speakers and total number and variety of speeches on many important topics made the program of Weekend Seminar abundant with motivation, knowledge and invaluable experience. We are proud and honored to have had Crown Ambassador from Austria Hans Nusshold as our Special Guest and Mentor at this seminar! Hans focused attention on working attitude, investments into business, products, education & seminars. He also spoke on the Network of Caring projects in Ukraine and importance of charitable donations. One should mention promo of “Adler’s Nest” book by Eva Nusshold as a book of special attraction and a real hit.

Our Guest Speakers Diamond Justin Stern and Emerald Christian Trumplemann from South Africa gave wonderful speeches on topics of team building, vision of Amway business as confident look into the future, sharing on their success stories and N21 system basic principles. We would like to note the inventive approach with which Justin gave his speech on Sunday using his children’s toys as visualization tools. The highlight of the Saturday evening were three Emerald and two Founders Emerald recognitions! Conducted in the form of a talk show, the interview with New Emerald and Founders Emerald couples were entertaining and interesting for the audience!

We are very grateful to all for making this Weekend Seminar in Kiev an unforgettable, sparkling and exciting event! Waiting for you at our next WES!!!”

iReport: Weekend Seminar, Poland 16-18 October 2015

Super pleased to hear it was a great event, Poland! Next time you have a fun group like King’s Elvis Friends can you please invite me?! :)

Umit 1.jpg“What an event! We’ve met in a new place in central Poland: Łodz Expo. We have a chance to hear from Executive Diamonds from Russia Tatiana & Ognjen Jankovic – representing great experience, valuable teaching and incredible Emerald from Turkey Umit Corapci – deep understanding of the N21 system, energy, enthusiasm and amazing sense of humor.

Many recognition on the way to Founder Platinum and the cream of the cream: New Founder Emerald recognition of Urszula & Wojciech Cesarz. Not the most important but a great Saturday night party with the entertainers King’s Elvis Friends!”

Global Leadership App

Have you heard about the incredible new app?! We released it at Drive 2015 to all of our emerald and above leaders, but now it is in app stores and available for you! It’s a digital and brand new version of the Profiles of Success books we used to have. We’re keeping up with the times ;)

I am so excited about this app because you can read about and see pictures of all N21′s diamond and above leaders across the GLOBE. Download it now. You can thank me later!


image125 year app screenshotIMG_5153 IMG_5154

iReport: Weekend Seminar in Tallinn October 2015

Excellent report from Estonia! Thanks for sharing your excitement, updates, and wisdom from your guest speakers. What a privilege to be connected to such a worldwide community!

IMG_7202.jpg“It was perfect REFRESHMENT for our everyday lives! Our amazing guest speaker SIMON THOMPSON gave us an inspiration, positive energy and great knowledge. Hope we all are ready to KEEP GOING!

Beside the fantastic speaker Simon Thompson, we were happy to hear from:

Toivo and Anne Rande, Founders Diamonds from Estonia:
“What kind of person do you want to be? What kind of advice do you have for your kids and for yourself?”

Vyacheslav Petkevich, Founders Diamond from Russia:
“We think we depend on the situation. But the truth is we create the situation.“

Mats Holmberg, Diamond from Finland:
“Step out from your comfort zone! It´s easy to be an average! BE MORE.”

Susanna Hanneles, Diamond from Finland:
“In this business we learn how to create your life with passion. If your habits do not match with your dreams, then you have to change your habits or your dreams.”

Simon Thompson has said:
“Find a big enough dream which can’t be influenced by other opinions.”

In addition, we had great recognition for 2 NEW EMERALDS:
– Ilona and Normunds Priednieki
– Riina Juhanson
Big congratulations to them once again.
We do hope we will keep the energy of the seminar and it will help to achieve new goals and levels, which will be able to share at the next Weekend Seminar in February in Tallinn. One word…PERSISTENCE! Two words… KEEP GOING!”

iReport: Weekend Leadership Seminar in Thailand June 2015

I love to read of such enthusiasm, achievement, and passion. I can’t wait for your next update, Thailand! Keep it up :)

WLS_Jun-8“Yeah! We came back for having the WLS in Pattaya and had such an exciting super power once again in Bangkok. Thank you to our guest speakers: Diamond Direct from Philippines, Ali Ghannadan and Diamond Direct from India, Khushrow & Mickey Patel. You have made the event so powerful and packed with laughter, emotion and wisdom.Our IBOs were fired up and they got so much knowledge and inspiration from your teaching and experiences you have shared.

In addition, we had over 200 of the Vietnamese Silver Producers attend this event. What an incredible group of power! Thanks for an extra boost and a storm of excitement you have brought to the crowds. We love the Vietnamese! On Dream Night, a new Emerald and 2 Vietnamese couple Diamonds we recognized. They absolutely were the color and highlight of the event. We were stunned by your passion and heart felt stories. What a memorable event!”