iReport: Kiev Weekend Seminar, Summer 2018

Austria, Italy, and Ukraine represented under one roof…N21 is truly a global family! And speaking of family, how cool is it to hear from two generations of business builders? Weekend seminars are my thing; no matter your country of origin, pin level, or age, we can all connect, grow, and move toward our goals 🙂

“Kiev. July 2018. Ukrainian WES. The sea of positivity, wisdom, emotions filling the hearts, courage and openness – such feedback we are getting from the participants of our summer event. And there’s a reason for these comments – our amazing team of speakers.

This time we had a great privilege to welcome in Kiev the whole family of Hans and Eva Nusshold. Both generations gave fantastic talks on the stage of the Sports Palace and made this event so special and exclusive.

Hans Nusshold reminded that happiness is our choice we make every day. We also learned that the current moment means much more than any other moments of your life, because of what you are going to do now and today determines your future and who you will be as a person tomorrow.

Our second guest speaker, Founders Emerald from Italy, Andrea Busato, shared his experience on how to combine a traditional job with this business and keep balance between family and business life.

The team of Ukrainian Leaders added that this venue is a place where you can get energy for your future goals and steps in this business. There’s no chance that you leave this hall with indifference after you have heard such unique stories and have seen such a stunning success.

We are confident that WES participants left the event having a clear plan for their future, with set priorities and determined values for their life and business, where the personal growth and education is a key to success.”

iReport: Weekend Seminars Always Refresh Your Energy and Belief!

I love what N21 Turkey says here: “this is the business for the one who never quits and it is never late to stand and to MOVE!” I couldn’t agree more 🙂

“What a wonderful weekend it was on the last day of June and the first day of July! ABOs started as tired as the last day but closed as refreshed as the first day. Guest speaker Diamond Mats Holmberg shared his energy and belief with the people who filled the Convention Center in Istanbul, and the local speakers were behind him with their performance on the stage.

The participants understood once more that this is the business for the one who never quits and it is never late to stand and to MOVE! People applauded the leaders during recognition who have not quit but moved and succeeded.

It is not late for you as well, please consult your sponsor and get your ticket for the next WES in November at Antalya.”


iReport: Philippines WLS in Manila & Cebu – June 2018

I never get tired hearing about weekend seminars 🙂 Learning from incredible leaders, recognizing new achievements, and “realizing more”…there is no better way to spend the weekend! Thank you N21 Philippines for two great events.

“ ‘You don’t need to know more, you just need to realize more!’ Such were the impactful opening remarks of key note speaker Amit Sondhi during the leaders meeting of the recently concluded WLS in Manila. Indeed there were a lot realizations for both new and more experienced ABOs… From being a zero in his first five years in the US to building one of the biggest Indian dynasties in Amway— Amit shared a lot of great perspectives and clarity of thought on the ‘Whys, Whats and Hows’ in building a strong and lasting business.

Down south in the Philippines, Vatanya Leerasiri rocked the Cebu WLS by the wisdom she shared from pursuing a lifelong dream— free-diving in open sea. She offered strong parallelisms of this challenging yet rewarding endeavor to the business… dealing with your fear, an attitude of a good student, listening to your coach as your lifeline and pursuing what your heart desires!

June 2018 was a special month for Network 21 Philippines as it had the privilege of hosting two of the most outstanding leaders from India and Thailand!”


iReport: Weekend Seminar in Bucharest, Romania, June 15-17, 2018

This is the heartbeat of N21. Different countries, different leaders, all coming together to learn, grow, and set goals to reach their dreams. I look forward to iReports one day where these second generation IBOs recognized on stage are the diamond guest speakers! 🙂

“The joint Romanian and Bulgarian Weekend Seminar in June took place in Palace Hall in Bucharest and it was as amazing an experience as one would expect. Enthusiastic people from both countries came with open minds, ready to receive advice and insights from some of the most successful European Leaders.

Our special guests, Double Diamonds from Austria, Alois and Sissy-Petra Szuchar, got down to business (pun intended) in a trademark fashion of speaking to people as seasoned teachers. From the first Leaders Meeting on Friday, when Alois Szuchar shared his lessons on building a profitable and stable business, and throughout the WES, they took the stage as true professionals, sharing their invaluable expertise to an eager audience.

The Dream Session on Saturday evening was filled with precious knowledge. A Panel of local Diamonds and Founders Diamonds shared their thoughts on why this business is always up-to-date, and after that, Sissy-Petra Szuchar told her unique, yet relatable story about building the dream. But the true emotional peak of the evening was moment she asked the second generation of IBOs to join her on stage to be seen, appreciated and admired.

As all good things must come to an end, so came the Sunday morning session. Alois Szuchar gave everybody a final push and encouragement to make a decision and MOVE.

They say that every moment is a great moment to begin, and this summer WES will surely be looked back on as that kind of moment, as everybody left with a sense of empowerment and positivity.”

iReport: North America Summer Conference May 18-20, 2018

I’ve got my first iReport of the season! Enjoy this update from N21 North America. I’ll let you in on a little secret..I was at this event! Once again they didn’t invite me to speak on stage because apparently you guys want to hear from people like David and Jules Dornan 😉

“We had a truly incredible Summer Conference in sunny Southern California. The energy was amazing! We combined our usual two May weekend seminars into one powerful conference this year. Our guest speakers, Emeralds from Australia Drew and Sarina Laurence, were perfect for this event. Their wisdom, humor, and dedication shined through in every talk and left the audience writing notes as quickly as they could! This couple kicked off our weekend with a meeting for Leaders Club and above where our IBOs received updates and leader-only information. Jim Dornan always encouraged us to strive to be in the”smaller meetings” and we see why.

Our first general session was perfect with Aaron and Karen Shores, Jim Janz, Laurie Jones, and our guest speakers. The next morning we hit the teaching hard with a session full of 20-minute focused talks from our leaders on a variety of topics. In the evening we recognized our hard-working IBOs! Seeing new pin levels cross the stage is so special. It was a joy to see the dreams fulfilled of our guest speakers as they talked about their Dream List and all those they had crossed off the list. We also had the pleasure of being surprised with a new speaker! Emerald Craig DuBruyn from South Africa blessed us with his powerful story. Sunday morning came way too quickly but left us ready to reach our goals through the next weekend seminar with teaching from Mike Wilson, Clarke Broome, Steve Jones, and a final talk from Drew and Sarina. 

Every session was a beautiful blend of story, product, leadership, and motivation. We are ready to MOVE and can’t wait for North America Leadership Conference in September!

p.s. Head to our Facebook page @n21na to see all the pictures from this event!”

iReport: India Conventions March 2018

It’s always amazing to me how many weekend seminars take place! Five conventions in one country…think of all the lives impacted by these events! And then think of all the years of events… my brain can’t handle it 😉

“The India Conventions in March 2018 were a treat to the ears and eyes. The inspiring talks by speakers like Peter Cox from Australia and Katalin Lovas from Hungary had everyone glued to their seats. What an amazing teaching from these world class leaders.

 The Conventions were held in various cities: Delhi, Bangalore, Raipur, Lucknow and Mumbai. The Indian Diamond speakers added their own flavor of knowledge, experience and excitement to the conventions. Amit Sondhi explained to keep moving with a motive whereas Dinesh Shingarpure wonderfully compared the Amway business with the game of Cricket. Rajan Warrier got the audience involved in singing and moving their feet. Oh what a program it was!

The new recognitions and achievement at the convention got the audience to set new goals for their business and commit to new levels for the coming convention in September.”

iReport: Russia Spring WES

Good thing there is a picture, otherwise I may not have believed Aleksey Mautanov is also a DJ! 🙂 Talk about an excellent WES swing….N21 Russia knows how to create an event filled with fun, teaching, and motivation. I can’t wait for the next!

“Could you imagine a fusion of raw information on business building techniques, surprising success stories and variegated entertainment bits? We can. Thought-provoking and intriguing speeches with detailed recipes for achieving goals from like-minded masters of the Amway business; intimate talks on one’s devotion to this business filled with sentimentality and warmth from Leaders who succeeded in connecting personally with each person in the audience; vivid and colorful shows from music bands and dancers contributed to this celebration of mindfulness, readiness to own one’s life, aspiration to launch dreams and make the most of one’s time, one’s business, one’s future. All these are an unmistakable signature of a Weekend with Network TwentyOne.

Could you imagine an inimitable blend of a wise and rational business owner with a fun and frantic DJ in one Leader? Again, we can 🙂 DJ FCA aka Founder Crown Ambassador Aleksey Mautanov gave an unique show that yanked the audience out of their seats at a disco dedicated to the new XS flavor. At the core of the presence of this incredibly surprising DJ was something irreplaceable.

This was what rendered the spring WES surge in Russia one of the best as it provided much-needed emotional refueling to IBOs all over the country.” 

iReport: WES Kiev, Spring 2018

Seeing the second generation build this business is incredible, I know it is the dream of many. I look forward to iReports where I will be highlighting your children as the guest speakers at a WES one day! 🙂

“What amazing Spring Weekend Seminars we have held in Kyiv on March 09-11 and 16-18!

A very energetic young band, “The Comics,” started the event, creating an uplifting mood for all three days of the events. The Special Guests of the seminar, Double Diamonds from Sweden Per and Ayta Mansson,  a young family, the second generation who have reached great success in  the Amway business. They are bringing up two children, working hard and showing us an example of how to be prosperous in all the spheres of life.

“You will build this business if you know the reason why you are building it. At first – why, and then – how,” Per and Ayta say.

We enjoyed the talks of such leaders as: Double Diamond Irenke Nemethne, Founders Crown Igor and Valeria Kharatin, Crown Ambassadors Taras and Iryna Demkura and Founders Crown Ambassadors Vera Arhipova and Aleksey Mautanov have shared with us a “Hello –video” from WES in Kazan’, Russia.

Per and Ayta Mansson also reminded that it’s a great time to become ELC, since Leaders will have an opportunity to attend the Go Silver event this September. David Dornan, Founders Diamond from the USA will come share with us his experience and vision.

Now we are MOVING ahead to the July WES, and looking forward to welcoming the whole family of Hans and Eva Nusshold and their second generation in business!”

iReport: Bulgaria

No matter the country or the venue, you can count on Mike Wilson stepping off the stage to connect with the audience! Thank you to Mike and all the leaders for making this WES memorable, and to the brand new Emerald! Recognition is music to my ears 🙂

“Bulgaria welcomed the Weekend Seminar in March with high spirits and enthusiastic minds. With plenty of opportunities to learn, this WES promised to be a great one from the very start.

The first Leaders Meeting was opened with unmistakable energy by Diamond from Hungary Zoltan Helenyi with a very expressive demonstration about the importance of N21 principles. After such a strong start, our special guest speaker, Diamond from the USA Mike Wilson shared some of his vast wisdom after so many years in the business. The audience had a chance to feel deeply inspired by and connected to him, as he spoke while on the venue floor and looked into their eyes.

Saturday morning came with even more knowledge and inspiration during the second session. The panel interview was particularly dynamic, and it tackled the difficult subject of handling “no’s” while building the business, which led to an increase in courage and confidence on the attendees’ part.

As usual, the Dream Session provided much joy and emotion. Aside from Mike Wilson’s brilliant speech about how giving your heart will help you succeed, Aneta Stojchevska’s Emerald recognition was the perfect way to celebrate hard work, success and team playing – complete with cold fireworks and lots of green balloons!

On Sunday morning, local Founders Diamond Stefan Alexov gave an empowering speech about the strength of the team.

We are sure that, after this amazing event, everybody went home inspired, energized and ready to LAUNCH.”

iReport: Hellenic WES, February 2018

If you look at a global map there is so much going on in the N21 world! Today we’re looking at Greece. Small country, big impact 🙂 Let’s dive in to see what took place at their latest WES!

It was another unique and amazing N21 WES! I don’t know where to start first! Hellenic speakers from all over the country shared so much incredible and vital information! What a leadership we have; Petros Athanasiadis, Doxis Zarras & Athina Krikoni, Mary Tsantekidis, Eleni Annanida, Alkis Kolovos and Chris Kallinikos & Elena Haroni made everyone in the audience take so many notes and flood with so many feelings!

Right when you think you can’t get any more from the WES, Bob & Terry Andrews jump on the stage! WOW! They crushed it! What to say about leaders such as Bob & Terry? There was no one in this venue who didn’t connect with these huge leaders. Bob’s & Terry’s words went directly to each and every heart in this venue. After three days both of them made everybody answer “ME”  at the question “… one of all of you will do it, who will be?”

Bob & Terry shared so much, here is just one story:

Bob once attended a seminar with John Maxwell and Bob asked him a question: what is the secret to succeed? John Maxwell answered and said, “I will give you the secret in one sentence! You just need to find the secret. You need to do five things everyday.” Bob realized that he now knew the secret, he just needed to do 5 things! So he asked for those secret 5 things  that will lead him to success. John Maxwell told him again, “I told you the secret! Do 5 things every day.” Bob didn’t understand and then John Maxwell explained him that the secret in this sentence is not the 5 things! The EVERY DAY is the secret!

Later Bob told the five things to the Hellenic audience, while he was holding his axe, that we all have a tree we need to go down and it doesn’t matter how big the tree is. It only matters to give 5 strokes EVERY DAY! 5 strokes every day and this tree will go down and you will succeed in whatever you want!

So simple and so magical. Bob & Terry started a fire and this fire LAUNCHED the Hellenic market with such a strong pulse!”