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iReport: Super Event in Antalya! Turkey WES March 2014


Hot off the press- a sizzling iReport from Turkey! Need a break from the Winter weather? Warm up with this encouraging update from Turkey. I’m sensing a trip in my future…

“We were in Antalya on March 08-09 for Turkish Weekend Seminar. Although it was still winter time the atmosphere was almost hot like the weather outside. The guest speakers, Founder Executive Diamond Kevin & Tamsine Harris from South Africa played a great role for this heat. All audience were repeating his Turkish words “HAREKETE GESH! – Take Action” in a great excitement on Sunday session. They were great!
The panel locked all people to the stage on Saturday evening, which took place first time at a WES in Turkey. People felt themselves at the stage with the panel participants while listening their interesting and even funny stories in this business.
Now, we are looking forward to getting together again at July WES in Istanbul this time. Be there!”

iReport: Weekend Seminar, Veszprém, Hungary March 7-9, 2014

Wow, what a weekend! Fantastic speakers, exciting recognition, helping others in need, and a Channel 21 launch! Whew, keep it up Hungary ;-)

Mike Wilson.jpg“The latest Weekend Seminar in Hungary was in the early days of spring, in the well-known and popular Arena Hall in the town of Veszprém. As the weather was nice and sunny, so were the souls; we had a happy, well going experience. As usual, we had two guest speakers, a Diamond from the US, Mike Wilson, and another Diamond from Russia, Viecheslav Pitkievich.

Mike Wilson is a very smiley, cheerful man, who enraptured the audience and really made them enthusiastic. As he had his birthday during the seminar, we had the chance to celebrate him on the stage. Viecheslav Pitkievich is a young leader, who gave us his youth power in his speech. The audience enjoyed his humorous teaching.

This event we could celebrate a new Founders Platinum couple on stage. At this Weekend Seminar, the first time in Hungary, we introduced the Channel-21 Hungarian version. It was propagated through the whole event, explained, and everybody could try it, who bought a ticket to the next seminar – as they got a one month subscription free! Because of the Ukrainian crisis, we organized a donation in the name of Network of Caring cooperated with Red Cross. We could collect money, food and cleaning products for the needy. 

Another successful seminar to focus on to set your goals NOW!”

iReport: Weekend Seminars in Russia – Spring 2014

Russia knows how to have a weekend seminar, check out all those incredible speakers! Wonder why I wasn’t asked to speak… :-) Congrats to new Founders Diamonds, what an awesome accomplishment. Can’t wait to recognize more!

1.jpg“Another unmissable sequence of Network TwentyOne events in Russia starting in February, ending in the end of March! An unbeatable combination of guest speakers – Justin and Lauren Stern for St. Petersburg, Simon Thompson, Sergey and Svetlana Apraksin and Galina Vashchenko for Yekaterinburg, Peter Merz with Alexander and Svetlana Samokhin for Omsk, Janos Demeter for Moscow, Irenke Nemeth and Per Mansson for Rostov-on-Don, Les Hetnal with Susanna and Genrikh Arutyunyan for Kazan. They gave absorbing speeches with thought-provoking delivery of the basic idea of Amway business and Network 21 system.

Weekend seminars resonated as strong as possible. Richly emotional and highly informative talks gave precious new feelings, the speakers approached the souls of the listeners and beholders with a rare degree of intelligence and experience, relishing each word in manner of a true Network21 Leader. A recognition of new young Founder Diamonds Konstantin and Olesya Zolochevsky added significance to events – they amazed with their endless energy, overflowing positive vibes and unflinching focus.”

iReport: Weekend Seminars in Kiev- March 2014

2 unprecedented weekends in Ukraine. Network TwentyOne ABOs and leaders are courageous- fear does not stop them in their business or from attending WES’s! I am so proud of and inspired by these guys…I’m getting emotional…don’t cry N21guy, keep it together!  

IMG_6855.JPG“We are happy to say we had truly amazing WES’s few days ago in Kiev! For a number of reasons these were outstanding events in the history of such seminars in Ukraine. First of all, we are all tremendously grateful to everyone who had the courage to participate in these WES’s. In particular, to our guest speakers Amgad Ghabriel (Australia) and David Vanderveen (California, USA). Not only their speeches were powerful, inspiring, motivating and teaching, but also their coming to Ukraine was great support to all Leaders & ABOs in Ukraine! For which everyone in N21 Ukraine expresses their deepest appreciation. It is hard to overrate this.
In this time N21 seminars are incredibly important – the fact that became obvious when the seminars were held. We were overwhelmed by general uplift of the participants, their will to invest even more in the business and thus help and serve their country to their best. Participants of both WES’s were delighted to see and listen to the speeches from the stage of Alexey Mautanov & Vera Archipova, Igor & Valeriya Kharatin, Taras & Irina Demkura – these certainly were some of the most powerful messages throughout the event. Made one feel that both Amway business and N21 team will come through any challenges…

To crown it all, these WES’s left one with the understanding that some really important transformations happened and great faith in the bright future of Amway business in Ukraine.”


iReport: Indonesia Weekend Seminar March 2014

IMG_0679.JPGPretty inspiring- new silver producer at 70 years old. You are never too old to build this business! I don’t ever want to hear that excuse again ;-)

“Indonesia Weekend Seminar was held 7-9 March 2014 in Jakarta Tennis Stadium, also attended by many people from outside Jakarta who knows they do not want to miss learning from our Guest Speaker.
This time we have Anand & Vasantha, Diamond from India. They shared their inspiring story, valuable experience for many IBOs in Indonesia. They also made the Earlybird registrations go up.

For the recognition we have a 70 years old new Silver Producer…amazing…

Great events!!! 3 days of great sharing and learning experience for all of us, and finally we hope to give you more report on our next exciting WES Seminar.”

iReport: Weekend Leadership Seminar in Malaysia November 22-24, 2013

Crowd Shot.jpgI’m a little late in posting this one guys…been having too much fun at all these WES’s around the world! This expert iReport comes all the way from Malaysia. Sounds like an incredible weekend full of strong teaching. There was a Gen Y segment at this weekend…maybe at the next I can do a Gen Awesome talk? Just a suggestion… :-)

“We rounded of the year with a fantastic WLS in Kuala Lumpur, thanks in large part to all the speakers who graced the stage and the IBO’s who came from all parts of Malaysia and Singapore. Ray Keller was our international guest speaker and he blew everyone away with his wit, wisdom and inspirational stories. One of his topics, “Attitude dependent on circumstances” was extremely impactful. He was sharing how important it is, to not have your attitude be depicted by the circumstances you are in. Many came away commenting that was one of the key take aways from the weekend.

The stage was also shared by Diamond direct Nahu, Emerald direct Neo, Sazli, Joe Wong and Tan Ai Wyn. We had a special Gen Y segment via video feed from Peter Cox which was well received. Janil did a fantastic product talk on supplementation that was both informative and humorous. Everyone left happy and looking forward to the next WLS.”

iReport – North America Winter Conferences – January 2014

WC14W 332Great events in the USA. I got to catch a few of the talks from both of the events and I’m proud to report that my comprehension of South African English has improved greatly.  ;-)    Amazing teaching and a rich atmosphere of success and belief was on tap for both of these exciting seminars.

“One Winter Conference, two Incredible Weekends!

We kicked off our Winter Conference on the West Coast in sunny Southern California. Special guest, Founders Executive Diamond Kevin Harris joined us all the way from South Africa to be our guest speaker. He shared some insightful teaching, honest experience, and glimpses of his sweet life back home! We also heard from other talented speakers throughout the weekend- Dave Dornan, Jim Janz, Mike Wilson, and more. Celebrating recognition, as always, was a blast and encouragement.

The next weekend we headed to Atlanta, GA for our East Coast Winter Conference. This weekend we had the pleasure of hearing from not only Kevin but his wife Tamsine as well. What an awesome couple! We learned so many practical, yet challenging, steps to grow our businesses. The weekend ended with a bang with Nancy Dornan speaking and Kevin and Tamsine sending us out with new goals and tools to use.

Can’t wait for Summer Conference!”

Thailand WLS on 15-17 November 2013

5.jpgIs it just me or do Peter and Debbie look like they are singing a duo in the photo to the right? I can hear it now as I type… “Islands in the stream, that is who we are…” Channeling their inner Kenny Rogers and Dolly Pardon no doubt.  ;-)

Nice to hear from the amazing Network TwentyOne team in Thailand. What a testament to an amazing business opportunity and world class business training and support!

“Our Weekend Seminar was conducted in Pattaya, Thailand at the famous Royal Cliff Hotel & Resort. All participants came from all over parts of Thailand and traveled to a get away resort (100 miles) to join the seminar. Crown Ambassador Peter and Debbie Cox were the featured guest speakers and they both were outstanding, their talks were so strong & genuine, motivational and very well complimented by the Thai crowds.

Along with Peter and Debbie, came a group of his international IBOs from India, Philippines & Malaysia to support them. On Sat. night, we had recognized 3 new Emerald couples followed by spectacular entertainment and we recognized a new Diamond couple from the South of Thailand in Had Yai, Mr. Udomsak & Umaporn. They both are truly a product of hard work, upline support, a proven Amway business opportunity and had proven that even though they lived far in the South of the country, they both achieved with the help of  Network TwentyOne’s Business Support Materials, Ongoing Education Programs and world class functions and seminars.

They gave a heartfelt speech that was very inspiring. It’s a wonderful night to remember.”

iReport – Weekend seminars in Russia – Fall 2013

Рисунок4.jpgNew Diamonds, Double Diamonds, Executive Diamonds … Ok now you guys are just showing off .  ;-)    Seriously, around the world we celebrate your success and congratulate the amazing achievements of the Russian market. Поздравляем!

There are certain things in life that you will never be able to wrap in a sparkling paper. Delight, inspiration, joy, smiles. Not to be wrapped, but to be gained at an event of Network TwentyOne. The weekend-seminars of the fall were brimming with emotions that resonated long after the functions ended. There was a celebration of success of Network TwentyOne affiliated Amway Business Owners from all over Russia – a multitude of recognitions which revealed a matured team of leaders whose decision has been firm enough to spur passion for new achievements.

New Diamonds Irina Ilina and Vladislav Zolotov, Marina Grigoryan, Galina and Sergey Zvezdunovy, Svetlana and Pyotr Miroshnikovy, Marua and Vladimir Lepshokovy, Marina Kurtsaeva and Arkady Yeremeev; new Founder Diamonds Vyacheslav Petkevich and Mariya Voytovich, Svetlana and Alexander Samokhiny, Galina Istomina; new Founder Executive Diamonds Irina and Sergey Shevelyovy; new Double Diamonds Julia and Yevgeny Zoteevy; new Founder Double Diamonds Marina Zolochevskaya and Sergey Alyotkin. Phenomenal number of new high pins! Phenomenal momentum that must help inspire new ambitions in all leaders worldwide.

iReport – Philippines: National Convention – Manila – October 2013

DSC_0081.JPGNever a dull moment in the world of Network TwentyOne. There is not a weekend that goes by where Amway business achievement is not celebrated on a Network TwentyOne stage.

“Dreams were again made & achieved last October 19 & 20 in Manila Philippines!
The weekend was held in the newly opened SMX Convention Center in the new high-end SM Aura Mall, at the heart of the fast rising Commercial/Business District “The Fort” in Metro Manila.

A lot of new achievers inspired everyone to keep on dreaming and reaching for their dreams!
It was a very special weekend indeed for new Sapphires Allen & Myra Cloma & New Emeralds Gerald & Christine Novales, who were very emotional & elated!

Special guest speaker Diamond Vasantha Bhargava was welcomed with open arms as she inspired more FIlipinos to grow, learn & succeed!

Amway Philippines was there to show their full support with no less than Amway Philippines Country Manager Ms. Leni Olmedo sharing some new promotions & initiatives herself on the Network TwentyOne stage!

May 2014 bring more success to everyone across the globe! Happy Holidays from your N21 Philippines Family!”