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iReport: Spring WES in Warsaw

3 generations building the business, tons of recognition, and Gad Ghabrial as a guest speaker. Could there a been a more perfect WES?! Way to go Warsaw!

Amgad Ghabrial.jpg“What a great spring WES in Warsaw suburbia on the first weekend of March 2015!

We were honored and lucky to have Amgad Ghabrial Double Diamond from Australia. Gad, wise leader with incredible experience got unique skills to share knowledge, teach and inspire the audience in a wonderful way. We also had a great opportunity to get deep impact from the local leaders.

As CHANGE was the theme of the seminar during the panel we heard from Emeralds and Founder Emeralds how the business was changing them and how they change their approach to the business. We also heard from family Double Diamond Bujwicki with 3 generations actively building the business and changing their and many other life opportunities.


The most exciting part of every WES – recognition – play its role this time as we celebrated new Silvers, Golds Platinum but also Executive Platinum and new Pearl!
Already looking forward for next incredible meeting in June on Polish coast in Gdynia.”

iReport: WES in Veszprém, Hungary March 6-8, 2015

Second generation panel? Lots of recognition? Picturesque town? Very cool, Hungary, very cool. Keep it up! :)

HU WES_Hans&Eva Nusshold.jpg“Hungary’s last Weekend Seminar was in the picturesque little town, Veszprém, in the Arena Hall. Nice weather, wonderful event, very happy people were CHANGEing their lives. Our guest speakers were the incredible Crown Ambassador Couple from Austria, Hans and Eva Nusshold. Their wisdom and huge experience enchanted the audience, as they shared it with them. Their momentum becoming bigger and bigger over the years and they are now teaching the 2nd generation as well. They made memorable talks about how to get better personally and as business people.


We introduced a unique panel talk, where ABO parents and their children, the 2nd generation of ABO’s were present and shared their experience. Amazing recognitions, lots of new silvers and gold producers , platinums, founder and executive platinums gave a special highlight of Saturday evening dream night. Celebration continued with a DISCO party. We had a very thoughtful event, people went home with the strong desire of CHANGEing their lives.”


iReport: Kiev WES March 13th – 14th, 2015

How many awesome leaders can you fit in one arena? A lot apparently! How cool to learn from and celebrate with amazing people. Thank you Kiev for this exciting and encouraging update! :)

Emerald “We just had an incredible Weekend Seminar! The event which took place in Kiev on 13th -14th of March was fantastic thanks to the Special Guest Speakers Crown Ambassadors from Austria Hans & Eva Nusshold. Hans & Eva shared their wisdom on main N21 principles, on how to fight for your dream even when you are facing many obstacles and try and CHANGE your life.

To this inspiring training was added the invaluable experience shared from the stage by F. Crown Ambassadors Vera Archipova and Alexey Mautanov who spoke on specifics of building Amway business in present day conditions taking into account sponsoring and creating turnover; Crown Ambassadors Taras & Irina Demkura who introduced the theme of the seminar CHANGE and explained what Weekend Seminar means; Founder Crowns Igor & Valeriya Kharatin who spoke on the changes you have to make on your road to success.

Special Guest Speakers from Italy Emerald ABOs Andrea & Sonia Busato won a big liking from the audience and shared on the topic of making international list and how to build this business with one but regular step at a time. A very special element of the event was the speech given by the Network of Caring Chief Significance Officer R.D. Saunders from USA, as he called the participants of the seminar to do more in terms of charity and conveyed the fact that actually there is no better and more guaranteed way of becoming happier than by helping and taking care of others.

The Dream Night was full of recognitions with a NEW Emerald ABOs recognition of Dmitriy & Mariya Primenko on its top. The evening was beautifully crowned by the music show by a well-known Ukrainian violinist Oleksandr Bozhyk.

This Weekend proved that changes are absolutely necessary in the ever changing world as well as it showed that Network TwentyOne Leaders and ABOs from their groups are eager to change and keep Amway business growing in Ukraine. Obvious conclusion from numerous recognitions during the event!!!”

iReport: Spring 2015 WES in Antalya

Sounds like you missed out if you weren’t at the Antalya WES! Tony Henderson, incredible panel, AND David Vanderveen?! What a packed out line-up. Can’t wait for the next seminar in July!

WES3.jpg“What a wonderful event we had in Antalya where we also felt the warm spring weather at WOW Kremlin Palace Resort. Everyone will remember the guest speaker Tony Henderson jumping on the stage and sharing his energy with the audiences, and we believe he will a part of the “change” we will see in next coming months. The panel was again the outstanding part of the event, where the participants had a chance to share the experiences of the successful panelists.

At this event Amway also launched their new product XS Energy Drinks, and the attendees had the chance to listen to David Vanderveen, Founder of XS Drinks.
We are sure all participants are in great excitement of the next event where they will meet and listen to David & Jules Dornan in July. Get in contact with your leaders for this great event!”

Change: Unlocking Your Potential

I hope you’re excited to attend your local WES! I am pumped about the brand for our winter seminars globally. How cool that no matter what country we’re in, we’re learning from awesome leaders and united by a common theme. Here’s a sneak peek of what you may see at your next seminar :)

iReport: North America Winter Conferences

How do they contain so many awesome leaders in one place? I’ve got to make sure I’m at the next one! :)

IMG_2173” What an incredible January we had with back to back WES- one in sunny California and one in chilly Atlanta. We were extremely lucky to have double diamonds from Australia, Gad and Melissa Ghabrial, at both seminars! They are wise leaders and teachers and we cherish our time learning from them.

On the west coast, in addition to the Ghabrials, we got to hear from Dave Dornan, Jim Floor, Bev Sallee Ophoff, Mike Wilson, Sharyn Webb, David Vanderveen (officially vice president, general manager of the XS brand now!), and Nancy Dornan. WOW! We also had a fun night of recognition, including a new Ruby!

On the east coast we heard from Janos Demeter, Andrew Mackay, and Jules Dornan, in addition to our other fantastic leaders we heard from on the west coast. We also celebrated a new platinum couple from Texas! Every leader shared incredible insight, training, stories, tips, and more. We are excited and ready for 2015!

Have I described the event well enough that you might consider joining us for our Summer Conferences in May? I hope so! We look forward to learning from Peter Mercz and Katalin Lovas in California, and Peter and Debbie Cox in Atlanta. 







iReport: Philippine WES October 18-19, 2014

A little reminiscing on 2014…it was a great year in the Philippine market! Congrats on the new pin levels achieved. Can’t wait to see what 2015 brings!

“Learning- check! Achievements- check! The Philippine WES last October 2014 was a very memorable one indeed. As expected, Double Diamond Amgad Ghabrial fired up the hearts of many Filipinos. Congratulations and cheers poured for new Emeralds Dr. Jun & Racquel Bernardino. Everybody enjoyed the “Royal” recognition of Executive Diamonds Babes & Mario Tero who were recognized in the October WES in their cute Prince & Princess costumes! May 2015 bring us more growth & achievements!”



iReport: Australia WES October 24-26

There was a great event down under in October! The Dornan family was the guests speakers at this Australia weekend seminar. Wow, all 3 in one place! :) It was an incredible event filled with exciting new recognition and motivating, challenging talks. Here are a few pics!

iReport: What an Inspiring WES!

I can feel the excitement across the miles. How cool to hear from third generation leaders! Another reason this business rocks. :)

Panel“October 17 – 19, 2014 WES in Hellas

Yes we had another successful WES having people FREE to dream their future!

Skip & Susan Ross were outstanding! Their speeches weren’t only uplifting but they talk directly to the heart of the people.

Stephen and Jenni Ross were also here for the weekend and shared their experience of being the 3rd generation in Amway business. They were great!

The Greek leaders were professional and gave their best as always!

We had two successful panels this time. A panel with Emerald ladies and our Diamond sharing their stories and perspective about business and life. And a panel with successful Greek leaders discussing about basic principles of N21 system and their unique experiences while they have been building their Amway businesses.

Generally we had another amazing Weekend Seminar Experience and all participants left inspired and motivated!!!

We are all looking forward for the next WES in February!”

iReport: Weekend seminars in Russia – Autumn 2014

Russia knows how to have weekend seminars! The description of these meetings makes me feel like I am there taking in all the incredible teaching and celebrating the new diamonds and founders diamond. Can’t wait until the next one!

IMG_9298.JPG“They say autumn is the most colorful time of the year. Indeed it is. Those who joined a round of Network TwentyOne autumn events in Russia saw the diverse mix of sparkling colors – stylish venue decoration, elegant stage design, irresistible VIP-zone adornment, exceptional VIP-room attire. There is a lot more that lies beyond this shimmer. Dynamic and charismatic guests, truly great Leaders, magnificent and exhilarating speeches, intensely vital topics discussed. The attendees could achieve a sense of movement and clarity thanks to inspirational talent of the speakers, the power and passion communicated to the audience from the stage, the whim and vigor that filled the functions. This round of events saw the legendary IBO make a guest appearance at the Weekend-seminar in St. Petersburg. Long-awaited appearance of Bob Andrews on Russian stage made the function a unique experience for everyone. New Diamonds (Elkhan and Milana Ezhdarov, Nadezhda Skvortsova and Sergey Ozerkov, Naimat and Gadzhimirza Uzdenov) and Founder Diamonds (Lyudmila and Vladimir Mazurenko) recognitions framed the events with luminous beauty and blazing joy.”