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Change: Unlocking Your Potential

I hope you’re excited to attend your local WES! I am pumped about the brand for our winter seminars globally. How cool that no matter what country we’re in, we’re learning from awesome leaders and united by a common theme. Here’s a sneak peek of what you may see at your next seminar :)

iReport: North America Winter Conferences

How do they contain so many awesome leaders in one place? I’ve got to make sure I’m at the next one! :)

IMG_2173” What an incredible January we had with back to back WES- one in sunny California and one in chilly Atlanta. We were extremely lucky to have double diamonds from Australia, Gad and Melissa Ghabrial, at both seminars! They are wise leaders and teachers and we cherish our time learning from them.

On the west coast, in addition to the Ghabrials, we got to hear from Dave Dornan, Jim Floor, Bev Sallee Ophoff, Mike Wilson, Sharyn Webb, David Vanderveen (officially vice president, general manager of the XS brand now!), and Nancy Dornan. WOW! We also had a fun night of recognition, including a new Ruby!

On the east coast we heard from Janos Demeter, Andrew Mackay, and Jules Dornan, in addition to our other fantastic leaders we heard from on the west coast. We also celebrated a new platinum couple from Texas! Every leader shared incredible insight, training, stories, tips, and more. We are excited and ready for 2015!

Have I described the event well enough that you might consider joining us for our Summer Conferences in May? I hope so! We look forward to learning from Peter Mercz and Katalin Lovas in California, and Peter and Debbie Cox in Atlanta. 







iReport: Philippine WES October 18-19, 2014

A little reminiscing on 2014…it was a great year in the Philippine market! Congrats on the new pin levels achieved. Can’t wait to see what 2015 brings!

“Learning- check! Achievements- check! The Philippine WES last October 2014 was a very memorable one indeed. As expected, Double Diamond Amgad Ghabrial fired up the hearts of many Filipinos. Congratulations and cheers poured for new Emeralds Dr. Jun & Racquel Bernardino. Everybody enjoyed the “Royal” recognition of Executive Diamonds Babes & Mario Tero who were recognized in the October WES in their cute Prince & Princess costumes! May 2015 bring us more growth & achievements!”



iReport: Australia WES October 24-26

There was a great event down under in October! The Dornan family was the guests speakers at this Australia weekend seminar. Wow, all 3 in one place! :) It was an incredible event filled with exciting new recognition and motivating, challenging talks. Here are a few pics!

iReport: What an Inspiring WES!

I can feel the excitement across the miles. How cool to hear from third generation leaders! Another reason this business rocks. :)

Panel“October 17 – 19, 2014 WES in Hellas

Yes we had another successful WES having people FREE to dream their future!

Skip & Susan Ross were outstanding! Their speeches weren’t only uplifting but they talk directly to the heart of the people.

Stephen and Jenni Ross were also here for the weekend and shared their experience of being the 3rd generation in Amway business. They were great!

The Greek leaders were professional and gave their best as always!

We had two successful panels this time. A panel with Emerald ladies and our Diamond sharing their stories and perspective about business and life. And a panel with successful Greek leaders discussing about basic principles of N21 system and their unique experiences while they have been building their Amway businesses.

Generally we had another amazing Weekend Seminar Experience and all participants left inspired and motivated!!!

We are all looking forward for the next WES in February!”

iReport: Weekend seminars in Russia – Autumn 2014

Russia knows how to have weekend seminars! The description of these meetings makes me feel like I am there taking in all the incredible teaching and celebrating the new diamonds and founders diamond. Can’t wait until the next one!

IMG_9298.JPG“They say autumn is the most colorful time of the year. Indeed it is. Those who joined a round of Network TwentyOne autumn events in Russia saw the diverse mix of sparkling colors – stylish venue decoration, elegant stage design, irresistible VIP-zone adornment, exceptional VIP-room attire. There is a lot more that lies beyond this shimmer. Dynamic and charismatic guests, truly great Leaders, magnificent and exhilarating speeches, intensely vital topics discussed. The attendees could achieve a sense of movement and clarity thanks to inspirational talent of the speakers, the power and passion communicated to the audience from the stage, the whim and vigor that filled the functions. This round of events saw the legendary IBO make a guest appearance at the Weekend-seminar in St. Petersburg. Long-awaited appearance of Bob Andrews on Russian stage made the function a unique experience for everyone. New Diamonds (Elkhan and Milana Ezhdarov, Nadezhda Skvortsova and Sergey Ozerkov, Naimat and Gadzhimirza Uzdenov) and Founder Diamonds (Lyudmila and Vladimir Mazurenko) recognitions framed the events with luminous beauty and blazing joy.”

iReport: Kiev WES November 14-16, 2014

You leaders continue to blow me away! This recognition had to have been exciting, motivating, and joyful. Congratulations on your accomplishments! I can’t wait to see even more of you on stage.

Recognition Kharatin 2.JPG“We are proud to report that Ukrainian Fall WES held on 14th – 16th of November in Kiev was distinguished with valuable teaching from the Guest Speakers Alois & Sissi Petra Szuchar and a spectrum of high recognitions:
NEW Founder Emeralds – Sergey & Tatyana Svisenko, NEW Diamonds – Viktor & Natalia Luchka, NEW Founder Crowns – Igor & Valeria Kharatin.

These were an incredible three days filled with festive atmosphere, high spirits and powerful business motivation. The WES theme “FREE” got its thorough treatment in the speeches of our incredible Guests Speakers & N21 Leaders. Thus, everybody could get necessary hints and momentum to be and do more in their business as well as to become freer in their lives!

Panel talk was organized at the Blue Jeans Meeting on Sunday morning. The participants of this talk were young Leaders, who  gave very mature answers and draw a conclusion about Amway business as a very attractive and prestigious business for the young generation and underlined the importance of the Network TwenyOne system.

The highlight of the Saturday evening was, of course, the recognition of New Diamonds Viktor & Natalia Luchka, who drove through the venue on two Harley Davidson bikes accompanied by the excited greetings of the partners from their groups.

The Dream Night was crowned with the fantastic recognition of New Founder Crowns Igor & Valeria Kharatin, which started with well-known singer Ruslana, the winner of 2004 Eurovision Song Contest, singing her famous song ‘Wild Dances’. Unforgettable laser show followed, and in the end of their recognition, Igor & Valeria together with their children and Ruslana sang one of her hit songs ‘In the Rhythm of the Heart.’ The line from this song was actually the theme line of their recognition: ‘It is only together that we can reach our goal!’ “

iReport: UK Autumn Weekend Seminar

I think the UK is getting a little spoiled…Ray and Karla Keller, Danny Anderson, Trevor & Jackie Lower, a video from Nancy… and then Mike Wilson in the spring?! :) So glad you did, and will, get to learn from such great speakers!

“On the 8th and 9th of November the UK ABO’s descended on the picturesque Ramada hotel in Birmingham for the Autumn WES, and what a weekend it was! We were once again very pleased to welcome guests from all over Europe, including Ireland, France, the Netherlands and Scandinavia. The excitement in the room was there for all to see, and it was obvious from the start that this was going to be a memorable event.

The line-up of speakers was impressive as always and included Danny Andersen, UK Double Diamonds Trevor & Jackie Lowe and of course our special guest speakers Ray & Karla Keller from the US. The audience were also treated to a video of a fantastic recent speech by Nancy Dornan herself. As expected, Ray & Karla brought humour, enthusiasm and belief to everybody through their speeches. The highlight though was Ray’s bus ride of a lifetime speech on the Saturday night, which absolutely brought the house down. If this wasn’t enough though, the ABO’s were also able to enjoy a really good panel discussion on the Sunday where some of our new up and coming leaders gave their answers on important questions about building the business. There was also the added bonus of some optional breakout sessions on the Saturday afternoon which covered topics including Nutrilite, XS retailing and doing wellness assessments for customers.

We were also able to celebrate with the recognition of a new Silver Producer and a new Gold Producer. The recognition for 50+ tickets sold was also very inspiring, as all the people on stage told the audience how they could be on stage with them next time. They were also able to take pride of place on the first row of the ‘Hot Spot’ VIP zone right in front of the stage, to show that they are really going places in the business. At the end of the weekend there was no doubt that everybody there was ready to be FREE! Now we are all looking forward to the next WES in February when Mike Wilson will be joining us. DON’T MISS IT!”


iReport: Free Enterprise in Helsinki October 2014

Wow! How incredible to have numerous top leaders from a variety of places in the same arena. That’s why I love Network TwentyOne- we’re a global community :)

IMG_4336.jpg“Free Enterprise, Northern European Conference in Finland, what an event… numbers say for themselves:
22 Diamonds and above
60 Emeralds and above
Over 400 Platinum and above

Dream Guest speakers: Hans Nusshold- Crown Ambassador from Austria and first time in Finland: David and Jules Dornan , Founder Diamonds from USA.
Attendees from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, England, Russia, Ireland.
100% International spirit and great enthusiasm.

New Fiscal year started just fantastic, as David Dornan said just after the seminar, ‘We’ve just finished our incredible Northern European Conference with all Scandinavian countries and the Baltics. We’ve just had an amazing, amazing weekend seminar. I also just came back from the Go Diamond in Budapest Hungary…
We know we have other weekend seminars going on all over the Europe and we are so excited about the growth we were seeing all over the European continent. It`s just amazing!’

We wish you all A Great New 2014-2015 Fiscal Year!”


iReport: Central European Regional Conference, October 17-19

Not only do we an iReport from this event, but a really cool highlight video! Click the link below and enjoy :)

Debrecen“Attendees from 7 European countries, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, and for the first time Bulgaria, gathered in the beautiful city of Debrecen, Hungary, to spend 3 days together and learn from outstanding leaders and the fabulous guest speaker from South Africa, EDC Sean Henderson.

We all have received unique and spectacular teachings from Sean, not only during the General Session but gave momentum and inspiration for the young generation on Saturday morning. The audience had a great opportunity also to get deep impact from the local leadership of the attending countries.

The highlight of the Saturday night was the Founder Emerald recognition of Stephan Alexov from Bulgaria.

You can see some nice moments of the event by clicking on the below link and also get impression how special was Sean Henderson’s closing speech. This example what he showed to us with his bike was unforgettably expressed what freedom means to all of us!

See you in 2015!”

Link of short highlight: