iReport: Poland WES October 19-21, 2018

Our autumn has been packed with amazing weekend seminars! It is incredible to witness these pin recognitions. I’m so proud 🙂 Thank you, Robert and Sonja, for sharing your wisdom with N21 Poland. I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings!

“What an awesome WES we had in Poland October 19-21! Full of valuable knowledge conveyed by our passionate speakers Crowns from Indonesia Robert Angkasa and Sonja Agustina, full of emotions, full of conversations, full of confetti falling on two couples during two great recognitions: New Emerald and New Founders Diamond Monika and Marcin Maciejak, whose energy give great spirit to the whole Polish Market.

Robert Angkasa said that: don’t wish you had a better team, wish you were a better leader. If we all follow this advice everything will be possible and the N21 stage will be full of such great recognitions as we had at this convention.

We’re so grateful to our leaders, speakers and all attendees for making this WES so special. Whether you were able to come this time or not, we hope to see you back in Poland next year – or even sooner at one of our BBS’!”

iReport: Manila WLS October 20-21, 2018

What a weekend! Congratulations to all those recognized, especially new diamonds Jun and Merlene Samantila. And the launch of N21 Mobile?! I am so excited for you guys to start digging into N21 Mobile and I can’t wait for even more recognitions at the next WLS 🙂

” ‘If you have a dream, don’t quit!’ This was Triple Diamond Suphat’s takeaway message at the national Weekend Leadership Seminar held in Manila. As guest speaker, Suphat shared on the challenges he faced building the business, and why striving hard to succeed was so worth it. Attendees from across the Philippines were captivated by Suphat’s humor, wit, and his ability to cast a vision for an exciting future!

It was also another astonishing milestone for Network TwentyOne Philippines as they recognized new Silvers, Golds, Platinums, a Sapphire couple, and brand new Diamonds Jun and Merlene Samantila! While different speakers covered the N21 system & what sets apart the Amway business, the conference also witnessed the launch of N21 Mobile. Time was also set set aside to remember and share the life-changing legacy of Amway’s co-founder Rich DeVos.”

iReport: Go Silver 2018, Moscow, Russia

So apparently this event had EVERYTHING! Wow, what an amazing weekend filled with teaching from N21 legends, memory-making with your team,  and a chance to reStart. Thank you, N21 Russia, for an life-changing weekend. I can’t wait to see the momentum from this event!

“Memories about Go Silver are still fresh, and emotions finally came down a little, so we can try to calmly analyze and draw some conclusions about what has been happening  with our leaders and us during this seminar. It could be described with one word: awesome!  

This time, we had a really outstanding event, it concerns both, the training part and the entertainment. The theme of Go Silver 2018 was reStart , and we really did it, of course with the help of our speakers, David Dornan and Hans Nusshold.  David, in his speech, went back to basics, to the beginning of the business of Jim and Nancy and how it keeps up with the time now, and Hans motivated everyone by his example, coming to Go Silver with his daughters and their husbands. A lot of attention was payed to the future of the business -to the young generation of leaders, and the importance and success of building business with family.

Go Silver was not only about learning. XS Party started with a welcome reception where everyone could get XS drink, take great photos with various photo zones, Artistry Studio presentation, amazing Tesla show and, for the first time in Network 21 history, we had a beauty and talent show with participants from the business.  Nobody could expect that in N21 we have such talented people. Everyone was amazed by the participants, the singers, whose place is on the big stage, the girls who could participate in ‘Miss Universe.’ 

We are sure that the participants of Go Silver 2018 will remember this event for a very long time.”

iReport: Go Silver 2018, Kiev, Ukraine

I guess there is such a thing as a perfect event 🙂 Thank you for the great iReport, N21 Ukraine. I am so fired up thinking about all that our ABOs learned and the fun they had! I can’t wait for the next one.

“New financial year has begun! What a great decision to celebrate its start at Go Silver seminar for the Leaders of ELC and above level, especially when you have such an inspiring guest speaker as David Dornan! 

It was a different event, since beside the working sessions there were many other fun activities. We launched the seminar with an exciting XS party, which included performance of LED theater, drum and barmen show, trivia and drawing with lots of prizes for the winners. So much drive! And it was just the beginning! Entertaining morning work-out on Saturday created the right atmosphere for active learning. And the Sunday morning Beauty Salon with presentation of Artistry Studio showed the secrets of make up for different occasions.

But, of course, Go Silver event is, first of all, about learning. It’s the right place to highlight the accomplishments for the past financial year and set the goals for the new one. Main messages of the Forum were active work with the new generation of millennials, launch of detox program together with Amway and Nutrilite to support your health and business, professional personal brand positioning in social media, and more. The new financial year was announced as a Year of Core. It was mentioned that Core means everyday consistent steps which we take to achieve the bigger, long-term goals.

David Dornan spoke about essential points and values of the N21 system: “One of the main keys of duplication is to remember that your partners will duplicate not what you are saying but what you doing”. He also underlined: “We create a safe place for people to move forward to their dreams. And we, as sponsors, are very important component of this process”.

Experience and knowledge of the second generation which they shared during one of the panel talks gave belief that the future of this business is safe.”


iReport: NALC September 14-16, 2018

I love weekend seminar season! I can always count on North America to be the first to kick off the autumn swing of events, and they started well! Enjoy this update and stay tuned for more coming soon 🙂

“We had an incredible North America Leadership Conference this month in Atlanta, GA. It was truly one for the books and we wish everyone could have experienced it! We started the weekend with a special meeting for those at the Leader’s Club & Above level with our guest speaker, diamond from Hungary, Katalin Lovas. That evening we kicked off our national convention with humor, remembrance, and celebration of Amway and Network 21. Diamond Jeff Applebaum was a perfect and hilarious MC the entire weekend. In our first session we heard from Ray Keller, Steve Jones, and Katalin. It was a powerful evening. 

Saturday morning was a packed session! We learned from Melody Farrell, Leo Cid, Clarke & Diana Broome, Cale Andrews, and Katalin once again. We filled an entire notebook with notes 🙂 In the afternoon we had a unique opportunity to serve with one of the organizations Network of Caring partners with. We assembled boxes of food that are distributed to children in need in the USA and abroad. Many of our leaders and IBOs participated and loved it!  We took all the energy from packing boxes and channeled it into our afternoon session where we started off with fun music to get us pumped. It was a remarkable evening celebrating new pin levels and achievements, hearing from Steve Woods, Nancy Dornan, and Bob Andrews. WOW. 

Our final session Sunday morning came way too quickly but left us full and ready to take on the next few months. That morning we learned from Skip Ross, Laurie Jones, Katalin Lovas, and David Dornan. We have our Vision set for the year and will be working hard until we Launch at our January weekend seminars!

Here are just a few of the many inspiring quotes from the weekend:

  • Comfort is overrated, we need purpose. – Nancy Dornan
  • The greatest failure we can have is living in constant fear that we will have a failure. – Skip Ross
  • You can’t sail on yesterday’s winds. – Steve Woods
  • What is between our ears decides our future. – Katalin Lovas

Please head to our Facebook @n21na or Instagram @network21na for more pictures from the event! And thank you to our guest speaker and all leaders on the N21 stage. We are grateful 🙂

iReport: Kiev Weekend Seminar, Summer 2018

Austria, Italy, and Ukraine represented under one roof…N21 is truly a global family! And speaking of family, how cool is it to hear from two generations of business builders? Weekend seminars are my thing; no matter your country of origin, pin level, or age, we can all connect, grow, and move toward our goals 🙂

“Kiev. July 2018. Ukrainian WES. The sea of positivity, wisdom, emotions filling the hearts, courage and openness – such feedback we are getting from the participants of our summer event. And there’s a reason for these comments – our amazing team of speakers.

This time we had a great privilege to welcome in Kiev the whole family of Hans and Eva Nusshold. Both generations gave fantastic talks on the stage of the Sports Palace and made this event so special and exclusive.

Hans Nusshold reminded that happiness is our choice we make every day. We also learned that the current moment means much more than any other moments of your life, because of what you are going to do now and today determines your future and who you will be as a person tomorrow.

Our second guest speaker, Founders Emerald from Italy, Andrea Busato, shared his experience on how to combine a traditional job with this business and keep balance between family and business life.

The team of Ukrainian Leaders added that this venue is a place where you can get energy for your future goals and steps in this business. There’s no chance that you leave this hall with indifference after you have heard such unique stories and have seen such a stunning success.

We are confident that WES participants left the event having a clear plan for their future, with set priorities and determined values for their life and business, where the personal growth and education is a key to success.”

iReport: Weekend Seminars Always Refresh Your Energy and Belief!

I love what N21 Turkey says here: “this is the business for the one who never quits and it is never late to stand and to MOVE!” I couldn’t agree more 🙂

“What a wonderful weekend it was on the last day of June and the first day of July! ABOs started as tired as the last day but closed as refreshed as the first day. Guest speaker Diamond Mats Holmberg shared his energy and belief with the people who filled the Convention Center in Istanbul, and the local speakers were behind him with their performance on the stage.

The participants understood once more that this is the business for the one who never quits and it is never late to stand and to MOVE! People applauded the leaders during recognition who have not quit but moved and succeeded.

It is not late for you as well, please consult your sponsor and get your ticket for the next WES in November at Antalya.”


iReport: Philippines WLS in Manila & Cebu – June 2018

I never get tired hearing about weekend seminars 🙂 Learning from incredible leaders, recognizing new achievements, and “realizing more”…there is no better way to spend the weekend! Thank you N21 Philippines for two great events.

“ ‘You don’t need to know more, you just need to realize more!’ Such were the impactful opening remarks of key note speaker Amit Sondhi during the leaders meeting of the recently concluded WLS in Manila. Indeed there were a lot realizations for both new and more experienced ABOs… From being a zero in his first five years in the US to building one of the biggest Indian dynasties in Amway— Amit shared a lot of great perspectives and clarity of thought on the ‘Whys, Whats and Hows’ in building a strong and lasting business.

Down south in the Philippines, Vatanya Leerasiri rocked the Cebu WLS by the wisdom she shared from pursuing a lifelong dream— free-diving in open sea. She offered strong parallelisms of this challenging yet rewarding endeavor to the business… dealing with your fear, an attitude of a good student, listening to your coach as your lifeline and pursuing what your heart desires!

June 2018 was a special month for Network 21 Philippines as it had the privilege of hosting two of the most outstanding leaders from India and Thailand!”


iReport: Weekend Seminar in Bucharest, Romania, June 15-17, 2018

This is the heartbeat of N21. Different countries, different leaders, all coming together to learn, grow, and set goals to reach their dreams. I look forward to iReports one day where these second generation IBOs recognized on stage are the diamond guest speakers! 🙂

“The joint Romanian and Bulgarian Weekend Seminar in June took place in Palace Hall in Bucharest and it was as amazing an experience as one would expect. Enthusiastic people from both countries came with open minds, ready to receive advice and insights from some of the most successful European Leaders.

Our special guests, Double Diamonds from Austria, Alois and Sissy-Petra Szuchar, got down to business (pun intended) in a trademark fashion of speaking to people as seasoned teachers. From the first Leaders Meeting on Friday, when Alois Szuchar shared his lessons on building a profitable and stable business, and throughout the WES, they took the stage as true professionals, sharing their invaluable expertise to an eager audience.

The Dream Session on Saturday evening was filled with precious knowledge. A Panel of local Diamonds and Founders Diamonds shared their thoughts on why this business is always up-to-date, and after that, Sissy-Petra Szuchar told her unique, yet relatable story about building the dream. But the true emotional peak of the evening was moment she asked the second generation of IBOs to join her on stage to be seen, appreciated and admired.

As all good things must come to an end, so came the Sunday morning session. Alois Szuchar gave everybody a final push and encouragement to make a decision and MOVE.

They say that every moment is a great moment to begin, and this summer WES will surely be looked back on as that kind of moment, as everybody left with a sense of empowerment and positivity.”

iReport: India Conventions March 2018

It’s always amazing to me how many weekend seminars take place! Five conventions in one country…think of all the lives impacted by these events! And then think of all the years of events… my brain can’t handle it 😉

“The India Conventions in March 2018 were a treat to the ears and eyes. The inspiring talks by speakers like Peter Cox from Australia and Katalin Lovas from Hungary had everyone glued to their seats. What an amazing teaching from these world class leaders.

 The Conventions were held in various cities: Delhi, Bangalore, Raipur, Lucknow and Mumbai. The Indian Diamond speakers added their own flavor of knowledge, experience and excitement to the conventions. Amit Sondhi explained to keep moving with a motive whereas Dinesh Shingarpure wonderfully compared the Amway business with the game of Cricket. Rajan Warrier got the audience involved in singing and moving their feet. Oh what a program it was!

The new recognitions and achievement at the convention got the audience to set new goals for their business and commit to new levels for the coming convention in September.”